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Letter to Next President

Students are receiving too much homework from teachers.

Dear Next President,

Students are overwhelmed with the amount of homework they are receiving from teachers, they shouldn’t have more than an hours worth of homework to do each night. Often times they don’t have enough time to relax and do stuff outside of school. Teachers should be giving an hour or less of homework each night so that students have time for other activities and their personal needs.

According to a 2016 GreatSchools article “Do our kids have too much homework?” by Marian Wilde, “One homework fact that educators do agree upon is that the young child today is doing more homework than ever before”. I feel that this person understands that the homework is too much. She goes on to say that it’s not just the kids that are stressed out. So not only is the homework making kids stressed its making the parents stressed too with having to help with assignments and deal with their child that’s probably in a bad mood because they don’t have enough time for homework.

Something else i read was a 2015 New York Times article “Kids have three times too much homework, study finds: what’s the cost?” by CNN, states “Fights and conflicts over homework were 200% more likely in families where parents did not have at least a college degree, according to the study”. What this means to me is that it’s even more difficult to get homework done because parents don’t know all of the stuff the kids get for homework so they can’t help.

I also read in a 2007 The Dispatch article “There’s just too much homework and not enough time” by Faithe Owens, saying “Some students don’t even have time to finish all the homework assigned, which puts more pressure on students to cheat. Students need some free time to relax and live their lives. Everyday should not be strictly focused on school work”. Which relates to my claim about teachers giving too much homework.

As the next president, I think you should make some type of rule/law about the amount of homework that’s allowed to be given to students. Because teachers are giving hours of homework each night and it’s very stressful for students because they have extracurricular activities (ex: sports, clubs...), personal needs, chores around the house, jobs, etc. With the amount of homework teachers give, the students don’t have enough time to finish everything they need to do and get enough sleep.



Grade 10

West St. Paul, MN

Henry Sibley High School


American Literature

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