Lucero M. California

Education for women Gobally

Women in the U.S.A have the option of being educated,however some women around the world don't.

Dear President,

An issue I would like to touch on, would be women education around the world. Women in other countries such as Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Chad don't have the money or right to go to school. In countries like Chad, only 10% of the girls have finished elementary school. For women, education is not their main priority when they have to watch the kids or keep their home clean. One of the main reasons women are not educated is because of their culture or religion. Forty seven percent of women in India are married before the age of 18 but most women get married at age 15.

Organizations are also one of the many things that cause less education for women around the world. Some organizations against women education have even burned down several girl schools to prevent education for women. Less education for women not only affects females, but children too. Women that are not educated don't learn about the health of a human. They don't know what to do when the child is ill or when the child fell and the scratch gets infected. For example if a woman gives birth to a baby boy the child is weak and can easily catch a cold. If the child catches a cold it can die because the women might not know the proper way to cure the child because they don't know much about the health of a human.

Early Marriage is not the only reason women are not educated. Sometimes it's because the parents are not willing to invest money for their daughter’s education because they believe she should stay home and help with the house. Some organizations believe that women don't have rights to learn because they are weaker or because that is what their religion has taught them. However, others believe that women do have right to learn but they also have to help with the housework. Some organizations simply believe a women is made to serve the male. Organizations such as BRAC and American assistance for Cambodia believe women have the right to be educated and reach their goals. Just by donating 1 dollar to organizations that help women you can help fix this issue. We should support more organizations that believe in women education and help children that need supplies for school. Women are important in this world and it's not fair how organizations treat them.


Lucero Magana



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