Jorge Minnesota

Is Immigration Good?

My letter is about whether immigration is good or bad. Immigration could be a good thing for our counrty. SInce our country was made from immigrants then why not welcome immigrants in our country?

Dear Next President,

The topic of immigration tends to give people the idea of drugs and violence. This also deals with runaways or wanted criminals from the other side of the border. Something needs to be done about immigration. Immigration is a good thing because it can help our economy.

When people cross the border and into our country they come because of either social, economic, or political issues. These people want a better life and that is why they want to come into the U.S so they can have a job and support their families or so they can give their children a better life than what they had to go through. According to ‘Some push factors that make people migrate are war, violence, poverty, and unemployment. The pull factors could be a safer atmosphere, greater wealth, and political security.’

Already we have thousand perhaps millions of immigrant in our country. Most are in the shadows hiding, afraid to go back to their countries. Most of the immigrants come to a better life for future generations. Most even have homes and jobs so they can maintain their families. Immigrants who already have homes, jobs, and pay taxes should be granted citizenship. There are some jobs even citizens don’t want to do. Immigrants try to get a job as soon as possible no matter what the job is, they will try their best to keep the job so they can get a home and send money to their families back to their home countries. As long as these immigrants pay taxes and follow the laws then they should be welcomed in the U.S.

Sure that there are also criminals that migrate and only bring drugs and more violence into our country. But there more immigrants who only want to leave the bad life in their home countries. Criminals should be dealt with. The rest of the immigrants who only want a better life should be expected to follow laws including paying taxes.

I hope this letter to you will make you rethink the topic about immigration. And also congratulations on winning the election. Good luck on leading this country to a good future. Not all immigrants are bad, some come for a brighter future and a better life for future generations. I hope you welcome those immigrants with a kind heart.




Mendota Heights, MN