Luke Indiana


We Need the Wall. Make America Great Again!

Dear Mr. Future President,

Immigration is a terrible thing for America when they come in illegally. They take money from real Americans and bring bad things into the country. They also take jobs real Americans. With the wall, nobody can get through without getting in legally/checked.

My suggestions/opinions on this issue would be to make the wall like 500 feet high so nobody can climb over the wall. Donald Trump should send back all the illegal immigrants. Legal ones are fine and should be here. Once they are sent back, they can be checked to come back to America.

Other people should care about this issue because, this will offer way more jobs. The wall will deport all the people with bad things (drugs, etc.). It will offer us more protection and it won't cost us any money. I think you don't realize that there are 11.3 million illegal immigrants.

Sincerely, Luke, Indiana