Matthew A. Georgia

Illegal Immigration

The problems I have with Illegal Immigration.


Dear Future President,

America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. At least, it used to be. Now, as I look upon what our great nation has come to, what it has become, and realize that this is all that my generation will know from growing up. And alas, our nation’s administration is too incompetent to see what our nation is really turning into. And so, I ask you today: what can we do to make America great again?

Within America, so many undocumented, illegal immigrants are living off of our taxpayer dollar. President Obama has ruined the American economy with his “Affordable Care Act,” or “Obamacare.” This was not only unaffordable, it’s unfair to our American people. When your taxes are funneled into food stamps for someone who shouldn’t even be here, do you find that as fair? I certainly don’t. If you’re going to come to this country, at least do it legally. Make your living here worth the effort to get here.

In addition, our national economy has plummeted since President Obama’s administration has taken over. This is due to American-born companies seeking jobs where they pay less for more labor. In the Mexican population, they have found this. Thousands of workers willing to perform hard labor for little to no legitimate payment. This is not only unfair to the workers themselves, but unfair to the American people who lost jobs to them. This has made it very difficult for American citizens to find American jobs because they demand they not be paid 5 cents an hour.

Now, I do understand that those who migrate here have plenty of reason to, but they must understand what they are doing to our country. To escape poverty, crime, and drugs, why would they then bring them here? “Oh but, they’re just doing it for their family.” Yes, I’m sure there are certain immigrants who just want their daughter or their son to grow up in the greatest nation on Earth. But there are still those who use what we call an “anchor child”. Now an anchor child is when two people either move here or come here on a trip and have their child born here. Because our government will not separate a family, they are allowed to stay here, despite not being a citizen of the United States.

To conclude, I believe that there are good immigrants out there, yes, but if America is to be great again, we must learn how to grapple with immigration. Many immigrants who cross our southern border bring with them the very things they tried to escape. If you wish to come to America, become a true American, for God’s sake.