Dear Next President

The citizens of the United States expect a great president to exemplify us. To achieve this their are certain expectations the president must reach.

Dear next president,

They are certain qualities and characteristics you should portray yourself having and demonstrating. Upon these there are many you should illustrate because without them why would we truly choose you to lead us. You must show you have a distinct speaking voice, a respectful personality, a general education of our nation, confidence, and responsibility. You also have to be a reliable person we can put our trust into. There’s countless amount of features that can make you perfectly qualified for this position but you must set yourself aside from others. Having well recognizable traits help you as a leader by being memorable. Make your followers comfortable with you by having experience. Have the ability to publicly speak with persuasiveness and detail. Leave the audience on your side without questioning you. Continue to be motivated and involved throughout your term. Have the will to be negotiable with your own personal growth and also learn as you go. These will all better us if we have someone to proudly represent. So, do you have what it takes?