Dear Future President

Our future president needs many qualities to help the country run smoothly and efficiently.

Dear Future President,

It is a lot of responsibility to run a country. There are multiple jobs to be done and people to help, however you must not forget to keep your good qualities.

One quality that every good leader needs is integrity. You need to be able to do anything and everything for the good of the country, no matter who is listening or watching. The media will try to catch anything that will negatively affect your reputation, so not only for yourself, but also to make our country prosperous, make the right decisions. Do not let anyone convince you to do anything that you don’t think will benefit us.

A leader should also be selfless. You should know that the people’s well being is more important than your own, because even though you are important, your job is to help the country. Therefore, you need to put the people’s needs before your own and be willing to help us in anyway you can. You also need to focus on helping ALL people, not just any specific group or class of people.

Additionally, you need to be honest. As a politician, this can be difficult at times, however honesty is the best policy. Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep, and be truthful about your plans for us, the people. Also, don’t tell lies about others to benefit yourself or your image.

Generosity is also a quality that you should have. You should be willing to put your time and effort into our country. Invest your time into this country because it could be a wonderful place with the right leader and tools provided. Be generous not only with your time but also with your power. Be willing to put money into America and give up some of what you can control if it will benefit us.

A good leader should also be intelligent in all he/she does. All decisions made should make sense, be honorable, and be reasonable for our country. The president has many things to do, and intelligence should be applied in every situation you encounter. Even if assistance is needed, the right thing can be done with the help of others.

Lastly, a good president should be willing to fight for his people and country. You need to fight for our rights and our needs. Sometimes not everyone needs the same thing. People need what they require to be successful, not what everyone else has. Fighting for these needs and more will do good for this country. You also need to know how to fight in wars and how to deal with negotiation and battle. Knowing when to declare war and how to avoid it are two very different but handy skills a president should have to protect us and benefit us.

You, the future president, have a lot of authority. You have the most control of anyone in the country (maybe even the world), so having these many good qualities and more will greatly benefit you and the United States of America.