Kelsey I.

Letters to the next President

I wrote about what the characteristics of what the next President should be.

                                                              Letters to the Next President

Dear Future President,

             All Americans have a different perspective on what the next president’s characteristics should be. To me, you should be a leader. Being a leader involves having the ability to guide others without force into direction that leaves them feeling accomplished. You should be passionate for the role you are serving for the United States. We need a president who has the ability to ease high stakes, facilitate meetings where important information is shared, and being able to explain to people what’s going on without startling them. If you are a good leader and build trust in the people, they will support you and the government in your decisions. You need to rise above politics and inspire a vision we can all support. You have to be a master negotiator. By doing this, you have to think wisely, and don't give away what we don't have, and we can’t afford having other nations walking all over us. Never blame your mistakes on other people, always be accountable for the decisions you make. We need a leader who is responsible for their actions, and a leader who will always make the right decisions. Always make sure that the government is up to date and never falling behind. A strong and wise president is a difficult job. I hope in the next four years, you leave a legacy that will be successful, prosperity, and safety to all Americans.


Kelsey Inderbitzin