payton j.

Future President

This letter talks about what characteristics and traits a leader such as a president should have when in charge of something as important as a country.

Dear future president,

You are going to be the number one leader of our country very soon, and here are some things that your people expect of you. A real leader has characteristics such as honesty, bravery,

Intelligence, putting your people first, and being able to make tough decisions in order to ensure the safety and benefit of his/her country. These qualities are things we expect from you. Somebody who won’t back down when they are faced with obstacles and danger. Someone who will do anything to keep their people safe and in good hands. As a president you have the biggest responsibilities of our country, this means lots of work and lots of pressure. We need someone who will not crack and break under all of the issues they may face. It is understandable that people get scared and make mistakes, it’s part of learning through trial and error. This being said being smart about the decisions you make is important, Although having cleverness is a necessity taking risks is not a bad thing.There will be instances where doing something risky may be necessary, and our country needs a person in charge that can do this. Someone who will not be afraid to do things that are about of their comfort zone. I hope that you have these qualities and will make smart and good choices. The fate of our country is in your hands, keep that in mind and lead this country to greatness.Good luck on this journey you take on.