Elizabeth M.

Letters to next president

Racism is a large problem in todays society.

Dear, next president.

One of the most important problems the world faces in an everyday society is racism. Racism is affecting and hurting everyone of a non white color. People think because we are darker skinned colored we are dirty or that we are illegal immigrants from a different country. They refer to us as “Aliens” . Being called an alien is very rude and disrespectful to us. We are normal people. Racism has been here in the U.S.A since the beginning of time we have had “Black” slaves. We are all normal people we're all God's children we don't deserve disrespect from anyone. Being treated equal is all we want, white people have always outruled us “colored people” Color shouldn't matter it also shouldn’t determine how we are treated. Donald Trump has shown his hatred towards ALL non white colored people. He thinks Mexicans are rapist’s, delinquents, bad people , murderers, and all illegal. Everyone of every race can be any of these characteristics, and Were not all illegal some were born here in the U.S.A and still are referred to as illegal. Us immigrants migrate to find better jobs to help our family get or start a better life than what they had before.