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Feminism - Gender Equality

The letter addresses the problem concerning the topic of feminism, and how currently, the American government is neglecting this issue and being ignorant of what the women in America want, need, and deserve.

Dear Future Mr./ Mrs. President,

In order to further improve the country as a whole, the issue that the next commander in chief should focus on is on gender equality and how it connects to the topic of feminism overall. This issue is very important because while we may be in the 21th century, there is still a gap between the wages between the males and females of America. Even with the improvements that are being made to the country such as military and security advancements, providing the women of this country with the adequate rights that are socially and politically equal to those of men is essential. In the online article, “The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap (Fall 2016)”, the statistics display that there is still a gap of around 20% in some locations around the United States, and that some other states only pay their female workers 64% of what their male coworkers earn (The Simple Truth…”). Not only do women tend to earn lower wages than men, but also those of another race suffer even lower amounts. This is not only pure discrimination based on gender, but also due to racial profiles, and this is unethical because the society of today should be more accepting of one’s background. In this same article, it also references a table in which Hispanic women earn around a slight less than $30,000, while White and Asian women earn around $55,000 to $60,000 (“The Simple Truth…”). This evidence goes to further demonstrate it is imperative that the government minimizes this problem as soon as possible because if this is allowed to continue, this would mean that the society in the United States allows for racial and gender discrimination, and the citizens of America are willing to accept this as a part of what is right.

Having new policies for equality for both genders in the United States is one of the possible solutions that the next president can put into place. By allowing the wages for women to become higher, this will make the gap between the pay smaller, and prevent any inequality to occur. Additionally, the future President of the United States can help solve this issue by allowing the feminists of this country to advocate for themselves and demand that they receive the same wages and job opportunities as men. If the men of America had, at some point, the chance to strike and demand their needs to their the employers, then the females of America have the right to do the same thing. After all, the Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” (The Declaration of Independence). Later on, the same document states how if a government is unable to make its citizens satisfied, then the people can do as they deem necessary. This same concept used in the Declaration of Independence should be allowed and encouraged by the future leader to be used by the women of America, for they too, gave the right to ensure that they receive the fair pay that they work for. Thus, this will prove to be an effective solution, as women will not have to worry about losing their jobs for demanding what is right granting the success of both genders.


Dominika Medina

Sources used as references:

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