Gilberto Salazar Wisconsin

Environmental problems

Our planet is getting destroyed! Let's work together to protect it.

Dear president, 

Help protect our planet so the people that come after us can also have a good environment to live in. What are we doing wrong? We keep dumping waste into our rivers and oceans. Some of our cities don’t have clean air and are having smog problems. Deforestation - we keep cutting down trees and we will lose the thing that cleans the air for us. Resource depletion - we are mining minerals at a rate where they aren't being replaced fast enough. Animals' habitats are being destroyed and we are driving many animals into extinction. Just to list a few things we are doing wrong.

What can you do to help protect our planet? You can make laws to limit what factories release into the air. You can make laws to regulate what factories dump into the water. You can start organizations that help clean rivers and pick up trash. Set up animal sanctuaries all over the country. Hope you take my advice and help protect this planet.