emilychaux Georgia

STOP the Gun violence

The hate and the violence need to stop; gun violence is a serious problem.

Dear Future President,

The hate and the violence need to stop; gun violence is a serious problem. Many innocent lives are being taken because of these guns. People are choosing to pull the trigger back and take away people’s lives.

Day by day adults, teens, and even children are being killed. In a year 17,000 Americans are being killed. Under gun violence, police brutality has been a huge problem this year. 865-939 Americans have been killed this year. Police officers are taking advantage of their job. Any kind of movements and even the way you’re dressed has been the reasoning behind these officers. These people who chose this career should know that’s the risk behind their job. Every day you’re going to come across people who are criminals or not. Just the way someone looks shouldn’t be the reason into killing a human being. A person’s race shouldn’t come into play either. This year a lot of African Americans have been killed. The majority were black. Not everyone is a threat and police officers should know this. Because of this there are people protesting “Black Lives Matter”. Now American citizens are targeting police officers and there have been cops being killed. This is a way to get the government’s attention so they can address this problem. Police brutality has been a problem for many years but it’s getting out of hand. Another problem is that there are the wrong people carrying guns around. People that have a mental illness or even anger issues are killing. The gun violence needs to stop and be under control.

There a solution to this problem. Stricter rules should be added when purchasing guns. There should be more background checks. When doing background checks they should check their criminal record and any mental illnesses. Most people who have killed have some type of mental illness. Many people are buying big and heavy guns. These guns aren’t really necessary to be held in a household. Now police brutality is a huge problem too. Officers are taking advantage of their position and weapons. If a police officer feels “threatened” they have the right to shoot. Which I believe is not the way. You’re always going to feel threatened and intimidated. You’re risking yourself day to day bases. This is unacceptable behavior from the people who are “protecting” us.

Gun violence is getting out of control.

If we don’t get this to an end who knows what may happen.