leland b. Massachusetts

Letter to the President

Gun Violence

Dear president,

My name is Leland Brown, I attend the  High School of CASH (Community Academy of Science and Health) in the neighborhood of Dorchester in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I´d like to address gun violence in the state of MA. The reason I wanted to bring this up was because in my neighborhood there is a lot of shootings.

 When the person who is targeting somebody in the area misses their shot, the shooter ends up taking out somebody else and causes grief to their family and friends.  For instance, my good friend Johnathan was shot down while he was riding his bike on June 10th, 2015 on Fuller Street. Due to the tragedy a lot of people that loved him and cared for him were all heartbroken. Were they angry?  Why yes they were because we can never bring him back no matter how much we want to. Ever since then I feel like the gun violence has only grew even worse and worse over the course of the summer and school year. This can be a big problem because at any moment you never know when the next shooting can occur and how to prevent yourself from being in that predicament.

I would love it if you receive my letter to read about my story about the gun violence in MA. The only thing I would ask is to please help control it.  For me being safe is something very important to me.