Radian S. Michigan

Litter Bugs Are Cruel

Littering needs to be enforced and have more consequences because people who litter don't realize how bad they hurt Earth.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President, 

I believe you should enforce people to stop littering and to have more consequences. Other people feel the same way. "The mayor of one Malaysian town is sick of seeing garbage on his sidewalks. So he's formed an official brigade to rid the streets of rubbish, Police are instructed to blow a whistle in the ears of locals caught littering--before slamming them with $95 fines, 'This is the best way, because people will feel embarrassed,' Mayor Khazali Din explained" ("Malaysia: litterbugs"). This helps support my opinion because it states that people are tired of litter bugs. One day I saw a gentlemen throw a food wrapper out his window and a cop was sitting there watching and didn't do anything. But moments later, I see a woman pull over into the parking lot and tell him that littering is so piggish and it needs to be stopped, and she told him that he was lucky that she didn't call the police. We need more citizens, cops, everyone to be more like that women.

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