Marlon L. California


The effect terrorism has on society and it's consequences.

Dear Future President,

Seeing as you will be the new future president of the United States of America, there are some things you must take notice of, not to mention care of, in specific terrorism. Seeing as in this year alone there have been already several terrorist attacks on the several parts of the world, most noticeably the not-so-long-ago attack in Orlando, Florida. In that attack alone there were 49 casualties and 53 wounded. Clearly such an issue is not to be taken lightly, and something must be done about. As a president, it is your job do make sure this problem is dealt with in an efficient manner.

In these turbulent days, conflicts and violence are becoming more and more of a common thing. The Orlando Shooting, the infamous 9/11 attacks in New York, what do these have in common? They all took place in the United States, and not only that, but in major cities as well. Things like this greatly shake communities and behaviors in whole cities, because well, who knows? Maybe Los Angeles would be next. Washington D.C., Chicago, no problem. Terrorist attacks not only instill terror on the victims, but also mass paranoia throughout the country. These things affect people on a deep psychological level. It may cause them to stop working for fear of an iminent bombing, another catastrophe, it may cause a certain devoted group to riot, to protest, leading to a halt in the economy of certain places. You see, it doesn't stop at the event itself. No, it starts a whole chain of events that eventually leads to a whole deeper situation, bringing a whole other onset of issues along wih it. Ethical and moral problems, questionings of authority, protests against relative evil, and ultimately the eventual dissolution and degredation of society.


Marlon L.