Graham D. Michigan

A.I. in the Military

Artificial Intelligence is not to be used in the military. If you don't read this then it could mean the end of the world as we know it.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) should not be used in the military. This is due to the fact that the fully autonomous beings could learn that the human race is a threat to its survival and may kill us all and learn to create newer and better A.I. without the help of humans. I hope that after the paper you will know the right thing to do.

Sadly, I myself have no experience with this, however other people have. One such example is the U.S. banning a children's toy from going into the NSA building and the Pentagon in the 1999, this however was not for their own use. The toy was a Furby a cute little ball of mimicking fuzz. Even the creators of the popular children's toy Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung claimed that it couldn’t record anything, however it could learn classified information and blab while the creators thought it couldn't, so it advanced passed its original programming or just did something unexpected.

Some things to cause an A.I. uprising will be things such as A.I. becoming too intelligent which is a large problem because the A.I. will realize that humans are a threat to its survival such is shown in the movie “Terminator” by Skynet. The effect of this is every human dying on the planet Earth just as Skynet. Another cause is the ability of someone hacking into the system and playing a simulation that eventually goes too far by it affecting the real world this is shown in the movie “War Games” made in 1883. A child played a simulation and the computer didn’t realize that war is futile until the humans make it play Tic-Tac-Toe against itself but, I don’t think it will be that easy for it to learn futility. Furthermore if the computer had access to the nukes/ missiles the war that would break out from that would not allow anyone to win, and the A.I. would also lose that is why futility exists, to make people know when something is useless.

Now it's your turn to keep the world safe. I can’t do anything being 14 years old but, you have the opportunity. I hope that you won’t let this world come to an end due to a computer uprising. Additionally I have thought of some ways to prevent and completely stopping the robot revolution. To prevent it simply make it so the A.I. has a kill switch on every important panel in the base the A.I. is in. Also a way to stop the revolution altogether is to have the room with the A.I. computer surrounded by E.M.P. turrets. Good luck and godspeed.


Graham D.

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