Jade Michigan


Why we should get rid of poverty in the US

Dear future president 

You should help get rid of poverty in the US. Why? Well its not that america can't end poverty because it doesn't have enough money, it's because the people in the US aren't aware of the situation. You may think that this isn't that big of a problem but poverty is growing every year. This year almost 15 percent which is about  46.7 million people - in the US who are in poverty.

22% of children in the country are under the poverty line. This affects America because children that are in poverty have lower cognitive development  which means that they lack the brain power to remember things, solve problems, and make decisions. Because they grow up this way they tend to depend on the public for things they need and maybe some will tend to steal the materials they need to live.

You can help end poverty by spreading the awareness of poverty. You could also take these ideas into consideration: Making childcare more affordable, creating more jobs, raising minimum wage, and getting rid of the poverty tax which makes people in low income neighborhoods pay extra for just about everything. All or even some of these things could lead to a decrease in poverty instead of an increase.