Jasmine L. California

Letter to president

Police brutality has increased a lot this year.

Dear Future President ,

My issue that I would like to communicate with the president is Police brutality because it has been increasing dramatically. Police brutality does not only affect the victims but their family also . Also because they are killing people for no reason . And it makes people not safe calling the police.

My position in this issue is that police need more training because they sometimes are killing innocent people . Two examples of police brutality is that they are killing innocent people that are mentally ill. That makes some people feel unsafe or endangered with the cops because they might be scared because they are going to threat them or they might kill them .

Another reason that police should have more training because they should learn at what time they should shoot because they are shooting at unnecessary times . They should also use different types of arms like a taser before doing anything . That way people would feel safer calling the cops and communicating with them .

In conclusion I think the president should focus more on police brutality . An example is because they have the honor to protect the people not to just go and kill innocent people . Lastly the future president should fix this injustice because it is not fair that people are scared of the cops.

Sincerely ,

Jasmine L. 

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 1

This is Ms. Woods's first period class.

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