Madison Georgia

Abuse is Cruel

Animal Testing

Dear Madam or Mister President,

Why is it considered “fine” to perform lab tests on animals, but not fine to abuse animals? Aren’t they the same thing? Research has shown that more than one hundred million animals are or have been burned, crippled, poisoned or abused in the United States alone for a single year. The idea is controversial, but animal lovers everywhere are coming together to protest that this cruel act. Animal testing is wrong and needs to be stopped.

Did you know that one, tiny can of pesticide needs to be experimented on 50 times, using 12,000 animals? Animal testing is not right, as it contributes to animal abuse. From the tiny mouse to the large chimpanzee, animals are being harmed for profit, but the expense is mangled birds, scared dogs, and cowering felines. Not only does this bitter testing damage pets, it also does damage to the economy. The government loses $16,000,000,000 each year from animal tests, says Some citizens refuse to purchase products lab tested on animals. So, would you rather miss out on dollars, or save an animal’s life?

The government needs to stop animal testing altogether. An alternative is to use human volunteers. This is clever and handy because people who have a say in things, and will volunteer to this event. Some people say this is wrong, but it is not against their will. In fact they will sign up to perform experiments. Statistics show that 92% of drugs in the experimental phase are “safe” for animals but are too dangerous for humans. This speaks for itself. Animals can apparently withstand things way too harmful to people.

The great thing about animal testing, some might say, is that it does no harm to people, or anyone important. This is true, but aren’t animals important too? Without animals the world would be over as we know it. Without cows, goats, and other mammals, no milk. Without sheep, no wool, and without bees there would be no honey, or any plants requiring pollination. Animal testing tests the safety of products as well. I cannot argue that safety is not important, however, I can argue that animal testing is cruel, since it physically and mentally abuses animals. This needs to stop.

Animal testing has been going on for a long time. In fact, it has been happening since 500 B.C. That is over two thousand, five hundred (2500) years! If it is devastatingly harsh to abuse people, it should be no different for animals. Stop brutal acts towards animals, and start thinking of their worth.

Thank You,

Madison Kilpatrick