Jacob T. Arkansas

The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

The the U.S. Women Soccer Team has won 3 champion titles ,but yet they get paid lower then their counter part, the U.S. Men Soccer Team.

Dear Future Mr. President,

I don't think it is fair for our Women's Soccer team won have won three world cup titles, four gold Olympic medals, seven CONCACAF CUP Wins and ten Algarve Cups who get less pay then the Men's Soccer team can hardly make it to the semifinals to the world cup. In my opinion the the women's team should get get better pay just because they actually have a chance in winning titles.

Even if the Women's team wins around twenty games they get about 100k ,but the men's team does the the same thing about 270k. That absurd the men's get almost three times as much money as the women's team does. I know that the men's team in more popular in the United States ,but if the women's team is so good then why are they not as popular as the men's team.

But really this just rolls down to that men get paid more than women do. Now it is sort of settled because people have fought for equal paid between men and women. The percentage for women's pay is seventy-eight percent of a male worker's pay. But really this isn't about the women's soccer team not getting paid as much but about having equal pay for all people ,so if the future president Trump/Hillary or the person who is reading this could you please take my thoughts and maybe put them into affect please.


Jacob Taylor 

Searcy High School

Ms. Simpson's PAP American History Class

Searcy High School Searcy, AR

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