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Rights on Abortion

Why abortion should be a choice

Dear Next President,

Abortion has been a serious concern to the public for years. There has been controversy over Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. I believe in Pro-Choice, meaning women should have the right to her own body regarding abortion. As the years go by, more women are getting pregnant. The reason for that is because there's a major increase in population, and there's an increase in sexual intercourse at younger ages. The fact that teenagers are having sexual relationships at a younger age increases the risk of pregnancy. Since they're so young, of course, they most likely will not keep the child. However, it's a woman's choice whether or not she keeps her baby, regardless of how she got pregnant.

If our government makes abortion illegal, women and girls will have unsafe abortions. As I stated before, there's an increase in pregnancy. According to www.guttmacher.org, in 2011, there were 1.06 million abortions; most of the pregnancies are from women under the age of 25, more specifically teens. If we take away the right to abortions, imagine girls taking care of a little child, even worse, having an unsafe abortion. Don't let kids have kids!

To prove my point further, 9/10 women are at risk of an unintended pregnancy, even when using birth control, according to www.guttmacher.org. I used to be on birth control as well. Even though I was on birth control, I tested positive for pregnancy, so I took an abortion pill. Why? Because I'm not physically nor financially stable. I'm a straight A student who doesn't have the time nor money to support a child, because I'm still supporting myself. That is my personal experience with having an abortion because it was MY decision and choice.

I acknowledge that everyone has the right to their opinion about abortion. However, most of their opinions have religious reasoning. According to prochoice.org, 27% of catholic women get abortions. Also, the majority of people believe that abortion is murder.The fetus doesn't start to develop until the second trimester; the majority of abortion clinics won't perform the abortion at that point. In my opinion, abortion isn't considered murder during the first weeks prior to the first trimester due to the fact that the fetus hasn't developed yet.

Abortion is actually a safe procedure to due our advanced technology. Lets be honest, abortions aren't the cheapest procedures. It's because they use medicine and equipment that are the best for the procedure, and will do the job right. Imagine if abortion was illegal, there would be too many unsafe procedures done. Plus, they'd probably pay an unlicensed gynecologist to perform the abortion which means they're at risk of infections or even death. If woman want the procedure done, she needs to have the right to do it safely.

In conclusion, I believe that abortion should stay legalized. Women shouldn't be controlled over her own body, especially when it comes to a child. The majority of abortions are for good reasons. For example, not being financially stable, rape, too young, or not able to support the child in general. In general, it's no one's decision but the women who is pregnant. It's safer to keep abortion legalized because if a woman is committed to having an abortion, she'll do everything in her power to get rid of the child. That means she'll most likely get an unsafe abortion, which can lead to death. A woman needs to have rights over her body, so please support keeping abortion legalized. 

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