Jeremiah L. California

Love is Love.

Are we really free to love whomever we like?

Dear Mr./Ms. President,

I can't speak for our country, nor for the millions of Americans that make it up but I can voice my opinion on the current state of our nation. Systematic oppression has played a large role in the United States' history, and I feel it still lingers in an underlying hate towards most people that aren't straight white, cisgendered men. 

I believe that no matter your gender, biological sex, sexuality, race, religion, class, or appearance, we should all be equal. Is that not what we were founded upon? Xenophobia is ingrained within our culture, and I honestly despise it. 

Gay isn't an insult, or at least it shouldn't be. Calling someone who identifies as a man feminine just because they do something stereo-typically so doesn't warrant such a misogynistic response. 

I'm not gay, trans, religious, poor, and I do not look like a person of color but I can certainly take a joke, and I'm not one to shy away from racy comments but I can tell a sarcastic remark from a genuine criticism and the things I hear in the locker room aren't funny. What is so wrong about being pan-romantic or Muslim? If you can give me a genuine reason besides "It's weird" then I'll shut my mouth. 

I understand religious pressures that support homophobia and it's a complex subject to say the least, but even if you believe their lifestyle is wrong, the least you could do is to at least be tolerant of these perfectly fine people. 

I'm an atheist, and when I tell most people that they're usually accepting but there's a very vocal minority that will violently express their opinion on how my belief is wrong and about how I'm a horrible person for believing such an atrocity. I mean, it's rare and I try not to react harshly to it, but it really sucks to think that a group of people hates you just for being yourself.   



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