Zach Lowe Kentucky

Future President

What the president needs to do...

Z Lowe


Dear Future President,

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we cleared America’s debt? How about if terrorists attack again? This is the kinds of things that the next president needs to think about. You’ll need the intelligence and the stamina to keep this country running properly.

First, the president would need the stamina to run the country. By this I mean that the president needs to push him/herself to get rid of the debt. Our country is in debt so much, that the estimated amount of debt by the end of 2017 will be at least 19.5 trillion dollars, according to . Think about this, if the debt is gone, that’s less money that America has to worry about. If America has to continue to pay the debt, then that means less money to help the country and it’s citizens. I have many solutions to help with the debt, but I will only list one. I think that we should use more of the taxes that us citizens pay for the debt. Only 6% of the tax money at the end of the year is used for our debt. Here are the percentages of tax money at the end of the year:

-Defense and international security assistance: 16%

-Social Security: 24%

-Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and marketplace subsides: 25%

-Safety net programs: 10%

-Interest on debt: 6%

-Federal retirees and veterans: 8%

-Transportation infrastructure: 2%

-Education: 3%

-Science and medical research: 2%

-Non-security international: 1%

-All other: 3%

Now, I know that 6% is a very generous amount of money, but the rate of payment and the rate at which we buy will just cause the debt to rise again, so there was no help. We need to add about a 10% of interest on debt. That would give us time to buy and pay our debt off in the many years to come.

Lastly, the president would need intelligence to run this country properly. By this, I mean that the president would need to think logically and not just do things without knowing the effects or the consequences. Let’s use ISIS as an example. If ISIS becomes a larger problem than they already are, we can’t just go over there and have a war. You’ll need to think of a logical way to attack, so they won’t predict what would happen next. It’s a very simple answer. If you do something drastic, it could cause the whole country to suffer from a bad choice. We will take them out one day, but one thing we shouldn’t do is make allies with them. They cannot be trusted.

In conclusion, the president needs to make decisions that would be the best for the country. You’ll need intelligence and stamina. Be great. Be outstanding.


Z. Lowe