Lux F. California

The Homeless Community Needs Your Help

Change has to be made in order to help and reduce the increasing population of people who are homeless in the United States.

Dear President,

Congratulations on being elected! As president, I am sure your To-do list of goals that you hope to accomplish during your presidency is a long one. But, I believe that finding a solution to the issue of homelessness should be one of your top priorities. In recent studies, statistics show that there are more than half a million people who are currently surviving in the United States without a place to call home. That is shocking. 

The concept is simple: everyone should have a home. Everyone who lives on the streets, should be given the resources to own a place to call home. A home provides shelter and privacy, which are necessities to living a healthy life.  I hope one day everyone will have a place to call home because everyone deserves one.

I made a short video in hopes to have an impact on changing the way the viewer interacts with someone who is homeless. It is common for us to ignore the person on the street who is asking for spare change because we have become accustom to not acknowledging that person for their humanity but as just homeless. The message of my video is to remind the audience that their small actions, like saying hello, can have a great impact on someone who is part of the homeless community. 

It is important that you address this issue to ensure the well being of each person within the United States. And, hopefully, with your help, future generations will not endure the hardships of being homeless.  


Lux Frisina