Khang N. California

High Prices

Solutions for the high cost of living

Dear President,

I have just migrated to the United States of America for more than a month. I can't really tell you how beautiful and wonderful it is. From the street was so clean, to the school was so great, and the people were very nice, etc. I and my father struggled a lot, to got the golden ticket to be in the US, to have the better life, new hopes, and opportunities. And now, we did it, we got it all, and very happy with it.

But there is one thing that i really want you to change. That is the high prices of everything. I know I can go to school, have breakfast and lunch free. But other pay like housing cost, transportation, etc, they were a little bit expensive for us to afford. Because of that, and other cost, they are the obstacles that stop these talent people from migrating to the US. I heard that my cousin had to pay thousands dollars to step his foot on and study here. Wish that you can give not only, but also other overseas students, have the opportunities to get the scholarship, cut down these cost, or sponsor us some little money, maybe we can pay it later when we have a job in the future. 

At the moment I wrote this letter, I didn't know exactly who would be the next president. But I hope the future president can make this country evolve, help the people more.