Kari M. California


Illegal Immigration is wrong and should not be allowed.

Dear Future President,

I realize that immigration gives our country many benefits. Although I think that people of all nationalities are created equally and deserve the opportunities that America provides, America does not have room for the negative impacts that come along with illegal immigration.

Along with illegal immigrants sometimes come drugs because of the border’s lack of security. This creates more extreme drug problems in America. Coming to America illegally is unfair to American citizens who pay taxes that support those immigrants, rather than paying taxes that benefit themselves and their own families. Illegal immigrants sometimes find ways to vote, which could possibly make differences in American elections. Illegally moving into the States is also unfair to those who have struggled for several years to gain citizenship with integrity.

I recognize that immigration is the foundation that America is built upon. Immigration is not a bad thing in itself, and should by no means be banned. I believe, in fact, that there should be a way to become a citizen of America without the often, unfortunate circumstance in which families are split up with long years of waiting. I do not call for a ban of immigration, I call for immigrants to show respect for our great nation by following its laws and entering it legally.

I hope that you consider this letter when reforming our immigration laws.


Kari M.