Jayden S. California

Is the deportation system corrupt?

America is losing a lot of legal citizens due to a corrupt system

Dear Mr./Ms. President, 

Our country is in a crisis. We are in an identity crisis. I am talking about deportation and more. We can't have America at war with itself while we have ISIS to deal with. I think our focus should be on the problems we face in our own boundaries. We may have to take a step back to move two forward. 

         We need you Mr./Ms. President, I do not want to grow up in a country that is divided by race/nationality. Even though I am only a freshman in high school I can tell that this country is slowly bleeding to death. By that I mean all this deportation is like losing blood, we are losing hard workers, and American citizens. I do understand that some of the people that we are deporting are illegal, but in some cases we are deporting those who are legal, but have lost their paper work to be in America. There are a lot of issues in our systems but I want to specify on the deportation system. Deportation is at a high and I believe that it has to do with a corrupt deportation system. 

       I believe America is scared. After September 11th, America has really increased the amount of security, which isn't bad but the repercussion of that is affecting today's immigrants. I feel as if America went over board with the deportation policy. Now a days legal immigrants can get deported for crimes that can be done by children.  Susan Stelling of the Los Angeles Times writes that "In fact, when media outlets report that the Obama administration has deported more than 2.5 million 'illegal' or 'undocumented' immigrants, that’s actually incorrect, because those statistics include legal residents and people with valid visas — not just immigrants who crossed the border without permission." I believe with enough work and time we can end legal immigrants being deported.



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