Nathan California

College Athletes Should NOT be Paid!

College Athletes should NOT be Paid.

Dear Next President, 

I’ve seen a lot of articles and sometimes even heard about why college athletes should be paid for their work and spending big amounts of hour to practice. After looking through more articles I have concluded that they should not be paid because it’s there own choice to participate in sports and when they join they know the responsibility they need to have to be an athlete and a student.

I think that they shouldn’t be paid because when these student work hard enough but also good enough to play at a college level they would receive multiple scholarship which allows them to go to the school that might of already paid for some or even all of the academics and for sports.

Most people pay a lot more attention towards the Division l Schools, but don't get me wrong I also enjoy watching it too because personally I think it's more exciting. Just thinking of this way made me realize that what will be do for Division ll and Division lll Athletes I mean not all of them are bad some are good enough or even better to play in Division l but just didn't get as much help or attention as the other thousands of other athletes. 

When Athletes really wants to get paid to play then they should consider themselves in playing in the professional levels, that in my opinion is when they should get paid because they spend hours and hours of time and overall it's a career and a job playing for a team, players winning helping the teams, from stores selling jerseys, games, commercials, and overall bring attention for every Sunday to play for millions of fans watching. 

What I think is the most important issue is that some schools have tight budget for games, food, and much more, which is too much if they have to pay for the athletes and for colleges that would just be too much too handle.

You see paying college athletes should not be a thing because not only does it cost a lot for opening games, food, and also was to pay the athletes there just won't be a lot of money to deal with these stuff, also just to keep in mind that the athletes chose to participate to play and knowing what they have to do. Please take this to consideration that college athletes should not be paid.