Faith H. Michigan

Women's Right to an Abortion

Reasons why women should always have the option of abortion.

Dear Future President,

I believe there are many problems facing the United States today, and they need to be talked about. So I will tell you about one of the biggest issues facing the people of America: a woman's right to an abortion. This is a huge issue and many are against it. It is very important for abortion to be an option for all women who are not ready for a child.

Many people believe women are cruel for aborting undeveloped fetuses, but think about this-- if a young teenage girl is raped and becomes pregnant and unable to get an abortion, she will not be able to attend school and take care of her child as well as herself during the pregnancy. According to Pandora's Project, “Some statistics report that conception as a result of rape occurs in less than one percent of cases, while other studies indicate higher figures such as 4.7%. Rape-related Pregnancy may be more widespread than we know - many women are understandably reluctant to talk about it.” This shows that if a woman is raped and her rights of abortion are taken away, she has to suffer with the child she didn’t want to have and may be unprepared for. If a women is in an abusive relationship, she may not be in the proper setting to have a baby or even give the baby up for adoption.

One woman who found herself in this situation stated, “I got a test at a drug store and came home and discovered one night by myself that I was right,” she said. Nicole’s boyfriend had been drugging her for months. Now he had raped her and she was pregnant. Nicole asked for some time off and went home to decide what to do. “I remember the plane ride going home, just sitting there and just the tears streaming down my face,” she said.”, according to Nicole Cooley on CBN. This is showing that this woman was raped and pregnant with a baby. She scheduled an appointment with the abortion clinic and had the abortion. She later said her life was back to normal after that. If women's rights to abortion were abolished, she would have had a baby in college and unable to take care of her baby and/or attend college. That can happen to anyone, and it would be unfair to women to have a child they couldn’t or didn’t want to have. In conclusion, as president I believe you should take into deep consideration the facts of why women should always have the choice of an abortion.