Tyler B. Michigan

Clean Energy

Clean energy is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Dear Future President,

Clean energy is an issue that needs to be addressed. When I went to Gary, Indiana, I was shocked. As far as I could see there were nothing but smoke stacks as far as I could see. The air smelled like gasoline. My mouth tasted bitter. The air was repulsive. I couldn't believe that people had to live there.

According to eia.gov, 32% of our power comes from clean sources. We have 1.5 times the wind power we had in 2014. We are making more of our energy from clean sources than ever before. More and more car companies are selling hybrid cars. Cars are much more fuel efficient than they were. Solar power and hydroelectric power have increased by 30%. We are going in the right direction.

We are doing good but not good enough. According to eia.gov, 66% of our energy comes from coal. According to www.rmi.org, in 2010, 33,000 deaths were caused because of coal. According to www.nrel.gov, Germany makes more solar power than we do even though there is a lot more sun shine in the us. That means we don't have close to as many solar panels as they do.

The first part of the solution would be to ban natural gas and coal plants. If we ban coal and natural gas plants, it will force companies to switch to green energy. As the coal and natural gas plants are replaced, the air in cities will become cleaner and cleaner. Banning gas cars would be the other half of the solution. There are plenty of things besides gasoline that cars can run on; like hydrogen and electricity. Companies like Honda and Toyota are working on cars like these. Doing these things will cut air pollution down to almost zero.

I realize that you are busy but I hope you can take time to consider this. Doing these things could save thousands of lives and the air in cities.