Darius V. California


Racism will remain the biggest issue in this country until we are all clear on how serious the situation is.

Of the many issues in U.S. politics, I would like to bring attention to possibly the most concerning problem at hand. That being the matter of police brutality. Our country has always had a history of inequality and corrupt officers, but only until recently has it been exposed. With the wide audience social media is able to reach, the use of cameras and cellphones make it that much easier to capture a true cop's tendencies. Oscar Grant is just one of many victims to police brutality that was captured on film. From these videos we can see that those who apparently "serve and protect" are the main culprits of violence and other crimes. This is also a subject stemming from racism, which is our biggest problem. I would like you, the president to know that there are people out there that care about the sake of equality, and hope that our leader would at least try to share it's seriousness. Below I share with you one example of how our youth has tried to enlighten others on racial equality and black pride.