connerouten North Carolina

Politics to the next president

politics are good but.........................

Dear mr/mrs.president

Hello my name is conner i am 13 years old and I have been watching you argue name call and bad mouth each other all through yalls campaign and it's interesting to watch.

The race for the white house is been fascinating to watch on tv all 3 debates. I have see hillary clinton and her benghazi trial.(i want hillary and kain to win)

And trump and his trump university scandal.

Politics are good for this country but during the campaigns they have too much profanity and mean words to say to each other. So if you will calm down all the unnecessary name calling.

The youth of our nation is watching your ads and how you bad mouth . My mom is a hillary supporter and she thinks she will be good for this country .please don't make my mom regret it.


Conner A. outen

All info from my head.

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