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Discrimination in the workplace

Maybe one day your kids wants tattoos and blue hair, but also wants to be a doctor. Of course you'll tell them they can be and do anything they want, but what about when the day comes and they don't hire them because of their hair or tattoos. What happens then?

Dear Future President, 

When we are kids were told that we could be anything we want, but what about if we want to have tattoos? We don't have the same chances as others do. All because of something that we we want in our lives, we can't be the doctor we want to be one day. I want to one day open my own company to show the discrimination in this world for people with piercings, and tattoos. I think there should be a law about jobs not being able to discriminate against those things. I could have better qualifications about the job over the other person, but because I have tattoos on my arm they won't hire me. Jobs for people with tattoos are very limited, and that needs to change. Even simple little jobs like McDonalds won't allow piercings, hair colors, and sometimes tattoos. Something needs to change and maybe it can start with this letter.

Thank you for your time. 

Sincerely ,

Aracelys F.

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