Eddie V. Washington

A Vehicle For Everyone

If you have a Ferrari would you put the cheapest fuel into it? Would you just leave it sitting in your parkway? We all have an exotic vehicle and a lot of people in the US need help with it's maintenance.

Our bodies are by far the most advanced vehicles on the planet. With proper training our bodies are capable of doing amazing things, from traceurs who maneuver through obstacles with swift agility, to powerlifters who showcase tremendous feats of strength. The US is one of the countries that have a high obesity rate. Interesting enough, we also have households that struggle with food security.

More than one-third of the adult population have obesity, this is a huge issue on its own because obesity is linked to various health problems such as strokes, heart diseases, and diabetes just to name a few. In some cases, those three things have been a cause of death that could've been prevented. The main cause of obesity is the lack of proper nutrition, why put cheap fuel into a vehicle when it will only hinder it from performing at its peak? Sure the food you put into your body tastes incredible and there's nothing wrong with treating your taste buds, the problem is when you're treating them every day. It is important to provide a more profound education, especially to the younger generation, on why it's crucial to maintain a proper diet. Granted, depending on an individual’s goals, their diets may vary and this doesn't necessarily mean they'll be healthy. There's a difference between being healthy and being fit. Nonetheless, if we had classes that taught nutrition in a fun, meaningful, and abstract way students could develop healthier habits that they would carry into their adulthood.

On the other hand, there are children across the US that don't have adequate access to food. Roughly 13.1 million children are unable to eat nutritious foods. That's about 4% of the US population that can't get enough fuel into their systems. A vehicle that lacks fuel is also unable to perform at its peak. These children and families need to be reached out to and given help. Nobody should be going through hunger, especially in a nation where there's an abundance of food. It shouldn't be a question of whether someone in power should help or not. It is the duty of those with power and necessary resources to help, not because others want them to but because it's the right thing to do.

By combining a good diet with a good exercise routine we are giving our bodies the proper care and attention it needs. These two things alone are enough to prevent death and save billions of dollars unnecessarily spent on medical treatment. people may not like eating healthy but there are always alternatives to our favorite foods. same thing with exercising, people may think it’s too much work and they dread just hearing the word "exercise". However, if we give these people the right motivation they can change their lives and once they begin to reap the rewards of what they're doing, it will be that much greater of a motivation for them. It would be rare to find someone who hates the benefits of being healthy. So why not lend a hand and help the people with their vehicle and its maintenance?