Angel D. Ohio

Lowering College Tuition

The Cost of Education is Expensive

Dear Future President, 

Congratulations on winning the election, that isn't an easy task to do. My name is Angel DeJesus,  I would like to talk about a few concerns about the cost of education and why must it be so high. I think that everyone should have the right to be educated and go to college and to follow their dreams. 

This is an issue to me because not everyone has the money to send their child to college and even if they do, that student will be piled up in student debt for the rest of their lives after college. I believe that college tuition should have a lower cost because the children of this country are our future and if someone wants to be a doctor, an architect, a lawyer, or even a teacher should have the opportunities to do so. 

Today's "norm" is to go to college, get a degree, become what you want. However, before they graduate,  high school students are also told that they might not be able to go for a variety of reasons or they are told college is extremely stressful and expensive causing lots of stress and anxiety. This is why I believe that colleges tuition should be lowered because everyone should have the right to an education and shouldn't be stopped due to the cost of it. 

Thank you, 

Angel DeJesus