Tyler Ohio

School Lunches

I want schools everywhere to have free lunches for the people who need it.

    Dear future president,

I am writing you today because free school lunches need to change. It is just the right thing to do, because we should not let what we call our future an empty stomach, and not give the energy they need. Also, because we should care about our students well being and the way they are at school.

It is the right thing to do because we as students come to school and have to prepare for our future the world's future and some of us can’t do that because school’s don’t offer free school lunches for the people who need it. Students should not go hungry and lose the energy they need for school because the school doesn’t offer free lunches. When I was a freshman this kid didn’t have lunch money or a packed lunch. I asked him if he wanted to borrow some money and obviously he said no because he felt embarrassed. I asked him if he was hungry and he replies “yeah but this happens a lot” we should be able to offer students free lunches.

We should care about our students well being and how they are acting in school. So currently ,130% of the poverty level is $31,005 for a family of four, and 185% is $44,123. This puts kids at the point where they do not have money and can’t have lunch money and they don’t have enough to pack lunches. All schools should offer free lunches because the students need the energy to succeed in school. If they are tired and do not get something to eat it makes them exhausted and makes them not do anything.

So I think that you as the next president could provide the school’s free and healthy lunches for the people who need it. It would be a great start and we could pick up from there. Well, some may say that some of them already do and how would we be able to know he needs it or not the school’s that do have them are providing them barely anything and we could do a background check of the people who ask and who really need it. Just like when I was a freshman and that kid did not have money; He should have had something to eat that day. This shows that this situation matters because no student or anyone should go hungry during school when you truly need it. It could benefit their learning by giving them energy and them being able to stay active in class.

Thank you for listening and reading future president and I hope you take this idea and use it.