Alex T. Ohio

Take down poverty

Poverty needs to change around the country, people in poverty need to have better opportunities and better jobs


 Dear, Future President

Poverty is a big issue in the country today and i think that it should be changed. Poverty is becoming more and more of an issue in america each year there are about 42.5 million who are affected by poverty in America. in the next year a lot of people will lose their government benefits. I know this because i read that ¨5,ooo people will lose their benefits from the government in 1 year¨. (In Global Fight against Extreme Poverty, a Potential Game-changer. N.p., n.d. Web) This means that people with government benefits will lose the money they go to support their families.

Another reason that poverty is a big issue is because that people have terrible jobs and low wages. I know this because it says ¨ Most people in poverty hate their job and have low wages¨.¨i´ve also read that ¨. (The Short Life of My Mother's Garden. N.p., n.d. Web) a single full-time worker at minimum wage will earn only 95 percent of their poverty threshold of $15,871¨. (The Short Life of My Mother's Garden. N.p., n.d. Web)This means that these people who live in poverty are making a really low yearly wage and can't support their families. There is 3 billion people across the world that are experiencing poverty

The president could try and provide better jobs for the poor and higher minimum wage.But Some may say that it is the people's fault for not trying and they should not have anything given to them.My solution will help resolve the issue because people will be making more money and they will have a decent job people in the middle class make anywhere from 70,000-250,000 dollars a year and they have good paying jobs so they have extra money after bills to do stuff they want to do.This issue matters because people don´t have enough money to support their families. The final reason is that people live on the streets tend to get in trouble so maybe if they had money and a decent job they would stay out of trouble.

Sincerely, Alex 

Oak Hills High School

Hodges Eng III: Bell 6

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