Brianna Alabama

Better Gun Laws for America.

How taking military grade weapons off the market could reduce some crime and terrorist threats.

Dear New President,

First, I would like to congratulate you on your win and hope that you can solve most of the problems in society today, for example having equal pay for men and women, offer affordable health care to everyone, and so much more. But the one thing I would love for you to change is having stricter gun laws and better gun control. 

Having better gun control laws could reduce crime rates and terrorist threats. I believe that people should have the right to carry guns for protection but I don’t believe that an average person should be carrying a military grade weapon in their daily lives. Letting the public have access to military grade weapons that could outgun our police officers and other innocent people is very detrimental to American society, shaping the way new generations and other countries see us. Getting rid of these weapons sold to the public would reduce terrorist threats, because it would make it complicated for terrorist to find guns, forcing them to bring guns into the country, which should also be very hard. 

Having better background checks and keeping up with what consumers do with their guns could lower homicides and suicides caused by guns, and also save families from going into depression because they losing a loved one due to gun violence. 

So I ask you, please save the future generation from all this conflict and problems because of guns and make changes for the better. I hope that you take into consideration about what I have said above and that make good decisions, not for just the wealthy, or the middle class, or even the poor, but for all of America, because we are stronger as a nation than we are apart. E Pluribus Unum.

Sincerely, Brianna M.