Brianna S. Alabama

Cheaper Tuition

College tuition is hurting American families, but making it cheaper could resolve this problem.

Dear New President,

Before I began, I would like to congratulate you on winning the election. Since you are in office, you can attempt to fix an issue that is hurting people’s wallets. A major problem with people that have come fresh out of high school is that they don’t have enough money to attend college. Not many students are granted the chance to have a full-ride scholarship to a good school. Some aren’t even granted half of the money. Most of students have to pay the entire cost which is ridiculously high.

The College Board came to the conclusion that, in 2015-2016, the average cost of a public college was $24,061 and the average cost of a private college was $47,831. Plenty of students have been told that, if they don’t want to be flipping burgers, then they have to go to college, but with those prices they wouldn’t have much of a choice. Some families that are not fortunate enough to have the money cannot even pay high school fees. You could imagine how they will not have enough money for college.

Paying attention in school will only get students half of the way, but having the money is the rest. I understand that the teachers have to get paid, so I know that college cannot be free. I think that college should indeed cost money but not as much as it is. This has been brought up a lot and I think that is because it matters so much. I do hope that this is something that you take into consideration while in office; I believe that solving this problem would not only help America but the families living in it.