Kaia W. Georgia

An Unbiased View of Gun Violence

Gun violence has to stop!

Dear Future President,

You have children, right? And I’m guessing you would do anything to protect them. Now imagine this, 306 people are a victim of gun violence, daily, and 90 of them die. That could easily be one of your children for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Makes you wonder how you can prevent that, huh? Well, actually you can.

Gun violence has to stop. Too many innocent lives are taken because of it. A heated argument could easily turn into a crime scene. The reason being is the lots of people carry around a handgun. An article from ProCon.org titled “Gun Control” states that gun ownership doesn’t decrease crime, it actually increases it. I know from personal experience that a small feeling such as jealousy could easily be turned into a motive to pull a trigger. In 2014, my dad was shot and passed away two weeks later while hospitalized. They never did find the man who shot my father, and we still are praying for justice. My family never will be the same. But that’s just one example of the effect that gun violence has on the world today. We have to reduce the amount the amount of crime that is cause by it.

You may ask “How am I supposed to stop gun violence? I can’t control everyone’s actions.” Mr. or Mrs. President, even if you don’t realize it, you have a lot of power. You could work with Congress to try to change the second amendment. I don’t see a problem with citizens owning a gun, but the requirements to be eligible for a gun should be changed. Before purchasing a gun, you have to take a drug test. It only takes a couple days for a substance to completely come out of your system. I believe if someone applies for a gun, you should make them take a drug test every time they do something pertaining to purchasing the gun. Also, most of the gun laws are directed towards poor black communities and although they cause trouble a lot of the time, black people are the only ones who own guns and use them for violence. For example, look at the incident when a 22 year old man shot up a church in Charleston, NC. His gun was legal but no one dared to question his reasons on purchasing a 45 Caliber Glock. There should have been a background check. Someone should have at least tried to check his social media, or something. Some of you may say “She’s trying to take away our right to own a gun,” but I’m just trying to protect the citizens of America.

Although no one can control anyone’s actions except theirs, someone has to draw the line at some point. As long as the government keeps allowing citizens to purchase guns and not ask what the reason is, there will still be a lot of crime. We must take action and I’m 100% sure people are willing to help. But the question is, what action are you going to take?


Kaia W.