Alexandria Alabama

Letter to the next president

I discussed the opportunity optons for those who return form prison and other African Americans.

I would like to talk to you about opportunity. I am a young African American female and I want to know that I have enough opportunity to provide for myself in this world.

For example, I would like for people who come out of prison to have opportunity to get a job when they come home. And you could say that there are opportunities for them, but they are unfairly treated. I man who came home from prison could have all the job requirements, go to a job interview, and be turned down because they sold drugs. And of course there should be restricted but they should be given a chance to show that they can be worthy citizens. And I also don't understand why drug dealers are put on the same level as rapists. True they both committed a crime but one was trying to provide for his family while the other was trying to satisfy his own pleasure.

I also have noticed that, even though there are more African Americans entering corporate America, there are not enough. This could be because of a lack of scholarship opportunity to a college with the field of their choice or because those jobs are not available where they are. You could say that they should go where opportunity is, but for many it is simply not possible. Many working adults have dependents including children and elderly adults. Because of this they may not be able to move themselves and their dependents toward opportunity.

Ultimately, I just want to know that my future is bright with you as president. during the next four years I will be stepping out of the role of a child and into the role of an adult. I just want to know that you can look forward to fair opportunities.