Trae L. Alabama

Abortion Issues

The country today is overlooking the abortions situations in our society today. Many lives are being taken and we are acting like it is ok to take innocent lives. All lives matter.

Dear Future President,

Abortion advocates say the abortion issue is not about what is right or wrong, but about "who decides--the woman or the state?“ I wonder if they'd say the same about rape or armed robbery? Of course not. They realize that there are some things that are wrong, and the state is right to decide that these things should not be done by anyone.

Clearly put, there is no right to do wrong. And what could be more wrong than a mother having her own child killed? At heart, everyone knows this, even the pro-choicer. That's why they divert attention away from the reality of abortion and onto philosophical musings. If killing babies was an okay thing to do, they would be honest about what they were doing. They would admit, "We kill babies, and we're proud of it." The very fact that they try to pretend that right and wrong don't enter into it is proof that they know it's wrong.

There is something wrong with all of this. Thirty years ago they were clamoring that legalizing abortion would solve all our social problems. But today, after more than 20 years of legal abortion, and over 30 million children killed, every single social problem we faced when we began this wild business is considerably worse. We have more teenage pregnancies, more hunger, more welfare, more divorces, more women and children living in poverty, more child abuse, more spousal abuse, more deadbeat dads, more gangs, more drugs, more sexually transmitted diseases, more high school drop-outs, more homelessness, and a generally more fractured and violent society.

So I ask you Mr. President that you will you help protect the innocent kids who are dying for no good reason. You have the voice powerful enough to end this tragedy that is happening in our country. Please take this into strong consideration. I know that there are more important tasks and situations that you need to focus on, but I highly advised that you could take the time out and just look at the numbers. Innocent lives are on the line. The future is on the line.


Trae L.

Oxford High School

4th Period

11th grade Honors English

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