anna Montana

We Need Guns

How we need to keep our gun rights.

October 19, 2016

Dear President

Congratulation! I would like to address the problem of the second amendment. Guns may be the weapon people use to kill with, but they are not the cause of the killing. People are! There is a great deal of violence going on in our country right now; However, please hear me out. In our country there is a lot of gun and gun control. Guns can be a weapon, but that does not make them bad. Guns are a good thing to have; is they protect people and put food on the table. Guns are bad is they get mistreated or abused.

“One in ten Americans go hunting every year”( That is crazy to think about. One in ten people get their guns? Some wouldn’t be able to provide for their families. I know many families, including our’s, who eat all wild meat.

I think the best way you can prevent people from killing people is by letting us keep our right to bear arms, and do more background checks on who owns, who wants to buy, or who wants to sell guns.


Anna L.

14, Billings, Montana