Yesenia Minnesota

Letter about Immigration to the president

This letter is about what I feel should be done for immigrants, when they come the United States.

Dear next president,

Immigrants should get more help when coming to the U.S. They should also get more opportunities with education and everyday things.

I think that immigrants should get more opportunities because, some immigrants come to the United States with their children. Then when those children grow up and finish high school they want to go to college or a university or even get a scholarship to a university but can't use it because they are undocumented. An example of that would be from a video called “Undocumented Americans”, Silvia a girl that got accepted to the Arizona University with a scholarship, but then couldn’t use it because Arizona passed proposition 300, so that meant that her scholarship was gone and she had to pay out of state tuition. She eventually graduated but could not use her degree because she was undocumented. This one of the reasons why I think that immigrants should have the same rights as a U.S citizen, because a U.S citizen would have been able to get a job as soon a possible, and I think this is unfair because they did the same amount of work and struggled through it but an immigrant can’t get a job with the same degree.

My other reason is because I’ve seen many of my family members struggle to get a job but even when they get a job they do not get the same rights, for example having medical insurance that is something that they do not get because they are undocumented. I think this is also unfair because once again they do the same or more work than the other workers but do not get the same rights. This should be changed especially when working in construction, siding, roofing and demolition, because these types of jobs are very dangerous at times. Another thing that immigrants should be able to do is get a license, to be able to drive. But unfortunately this is something that an immigrant isn't really able to get, but it should be because without a license

you can’t do a lot of things and could easily be deported too. Also this is something that people use everyday, with a license you can drive a car, you can drive yourself to work and to other places like, a grocery store or anywhere you might need or want to go.

How this problem could be resolved is by giving immigrants the chance to get a license and permission to work in places where having documents is required. This would not only benefit the immigrants but also benefits the united states because it more money to the state so the immigrants contribute more by paying car insurance and other types of insurance that they might need or want. Another thing that could be done is making the process of getting these documents faster and not taking as long but then again every case is different. Anyways good luck as the next president.