Winjourcy R. Massachusetts

Immigration Services

This letter is on Immigration.

Dear Mr. or Mrs.President,

Hello, my name is Winjourcy Roberson, I go to a school by the name of Community Academy of Science and Health located in  Fields Corner Dorchester. I am a sophomore. This topic is specifically about immigrants and their struggles. Due to immigration, immigrants don't have as much opportunities as citizens of the United States. There are many types of immigrants.

Due to immigration, there has been both good and bad immigrants. There are the immigrants that are here for a better life, and they're others that are here to ruin other peoples life's.  This is something we do not want in our country. Immigration effected our country and community both in a positive and negative way. One way immigrants affected our community in a negative way was by terrorism. Terrorist are a group of negative people or immigrants from other countries that decide to hurt people for no reason. Terrorism is a major reason why we should limit our immigrants. If not limit them, then we should be able to check every undocumented immigrants' background just to know what type of people they are, so that way they don't bring any of their negativity or negative vibes to the United states.  The good reason why most immigrants should be able to be in the United States is because there  are some immigrants that come from different countries looking for better lives for themselves and family. Good immigrants bring in good things from their country such as; different foods, games, clothing and more.

My position on this topic is  that immigrants are both bad and good when it comes to coming to the United States. In my opinion immigrants are needed in the U.S. but the immigration policy should be handled differently. One way you could handle the policy differently is by checking the background of each immigrant.

This issue is important for our next president to focus on because, immigration is a huge topic in society today. For example, my family that are living in the U.S are trying to bring in more families from Haiti because Haiti isn't doing so well financially and health wise, so generally people are trying to bring in families due to other countries downgrading and immigrants these days are just trying to come to the U.S. for a better life.