Alex Minnesota

Next President

I am writing about the issue of guns in the United States.

October 5, 2016

Alex F.

Hello, President

Gun laws in the united states have been a big subject and controversy the last couple of years and I wanted to share my opinion and ideas on the subject that I think should be looked at. The current process of buying a gun right now in minnesota is as follows. “Persons 18 and older may purchase assault weapons with a permit to purchase (or permit to carry for persons 21 or older). Shall issue. Minnesota Permit to Carry as pistol required to carry handguns. Concealment is permitted but not required.” Which I don't think is safe enough.

Buying a gun right now is too easy to do. Some people are buying guns with little or no knowledge on how to use them or where to store them. My friends dad bought a gun to protect the house and family if anyone was to try to do harm. He went to the gun store and bought a handgun thinking it was the right idea, even though he had no knowledge on how to use or store it. Later that month, the dads son has been interested in the gun and the way it looked and felt in his hands. He found out where the gun was hidden. So when his parents were away he went and got the gun, he did this for a couple weeks until one night when he went back to hold it he nudged the safety switch and shot himself in the leg.

I have no problem with people buying guns but there should be safety classes required in order to buy any sort of gun. This will cut down on the household accidents revolved around weapon mishandling. It should be required to make sure if you have any children in the house that they know how dangerous it is and not to go near it. Or if they are older teach them about how to be safe around or holding a gun. By doing some of these things I believe that we will all be a much more safe country.

Another problem based around guns is mental health. Mental health issues, there should be better checks/backround involved in whether you get a gun.

Thank you for your time! Good Luck in office!