Kate Minnesota

Gun Control

Guns are very dangerous, and are being used in the wrong ways.

Dear Future President,

In the last couple years there has been many incidents with guns, violent protests, and discriminating laws. America used to be a place where there was opportunities,most people accepted each other, and religious freedom. Things are not what they used to be, for example 10 years ago things were very different than what they are now with things pertaining to gun control, violent protests, and the discrimination of laws. Things have been going downhill tremendously, and in all honesty will continue to get worse if things are going to stay as they are now.

Studies show that Americans are 10 times more likely to be killed by guns that people in other countries. The fact that basically anyone that is eighteen years or older can purchase a gun is a scary thought. Also it is easy to go and purchase one,without getting a background check, and if a person is capable of having a gun, for example the mental state the person is in. Any person with a mental issue should not be allowed to purchase a gun because who knows what the person is going to do with it, or what they are capable of doing with a gun.

People are going out and buying guns, and using them in the wrong way, for example in Orlando, Florida innocent people that were just out for a night of fun were killed at a gay club because a man didn't agree with their sexuality. Another example would be in Dallas, Texas police were shot because someone was not in favor of their profession. People now a days can't even express or be who they are without being in fear that someone is going to disagree, instantly get upset or mad, and take matters into a life or death situation. Guns are a very dangerous weapon, and are being used to kill many innocent people for no good reason. Yes there is a right way to use a gun, and that's for protection, that is something where guns can be used in the right ways, there isn't only wrong ways to use a gun.

Since 2013, there have been at least 202 school shootings in America. That's an average of nearly one school shooting a week. Pertaining to this that is just crazy, people are walking into schools and shooting innocent children! Teens and children are scared to go to school, in the fear that their school could be shot up at any moment. These things need to be stopped and hopefully once you're in the White House you will immediately change things, and make America safe for everyone, so people don't have to worry about expressing their opinions and fear that someone will get mad about in and take their life, sadly that has what America has come to, it should be stopped immediately. I believe that you should do something about the guns, for the benefit of everyone's lives.

This problem should have been handled when it all first started and when it wasn't as bad as it is now. This is a very important issue that America is facing at the moment, and for everyone's safety it should be one of the first issues to be handled once you're in the White House.