Roberto California

Gun Control

Laws should be more strict

Dear Future President of The USA

We as civilians and people who live in the USA have seen an enormous number of killings by a weapon, one that dominates the cause of death, namely, guns. Every now and then we watch the news and we see how many people can get their hands on weapons and start school shootings. People who watch the news and see families destroyed because bad people get a hold of deadly weapons, we all feel pity for the people who lost a loved one and we feel scared that this might happen to us one day.

I believe that gun policy should be emphasize more control on who buys them. The American people don't want their Second Amendment rights to be taken away by the government. I think that gun stores should ask for more information and the government checks the person’s background. I believe people should be tested in case they are mentally ill and dangerous to get a gun. We should be more strict when people get a gun so this way we can stop the gun massacres in places like schools, theaters or public places where there are many innocent kids and people.