Skyler Indiana

Police Brutality

My letter is about police brutality. It's a very big issue and I think the president needs to address this issue.

October 28, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

Police Brutality is starting to become a huge problem in America. Here’s a quote from a parent talking about police brutality “Instead of feeling protected by police, many African Americans are intimidated and live in daily fear that their children will face abuse, arrest and death at the hands of police officers who may be acting on implicit biases or institutional policies based on stereotypes and assumptions of black criminality.” This topic is very important to me because it seems that anyone who is not white is automatically a target. They get treated unfairly and they think that we are problems which is a terrible thing. This needs to be addressed because police are continually killing people that aren’t white and they are getting off the hook with judges everywhere.

First I will be talking about the death of Eric Garner who was choked to death by a N.Y. policeman. He was selling cigarettes on the side of the road. He was confronted by policemen then one of the policeman put him in a choke hold for supposedly resisting arrest. He told the policeman multiple times that he could not breath and the policeman did not stop. He died by practically being strangled. They may disagree because they may say that the police had a right to try and detain him because he resisted arrest but he didn’t. Eric Garner was killed for being a black man and was lied on and said that he resisted arrest.

The law that I am implying is that police misconduct should result in loss of job and whatever they did would depend how long they go to prison. When they get put on leave they should not get paid and lose all benefits. It’ll go through the house of representatives quick because I believe they think this a problem too. The president will pass it because they know how big of a problem that it is.

Lastly Police Brutality is a big problem in America that needs to be addressed. We really need to take action on this. Stop letting police officers who commit these crimes get off with a weak punishment. I mean they get put on leave with pay. FOR KILLING SOMEONE what is that!? The police misconduct act it should be passed because everyone knows that it is a big problem. There has been so many riots and many people getting together and protesting. I’ll get this law passed by having a lot of people behind it people that will be supporting it a lot. Which will sway the house to pass it and the president will because it is such a big problem. The President needs to focus on this because it is a huge problem in America that has been going on for awhile now. The President needs to make changes and focus on this highly.





Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana